10 Best Things to Buy in Kashmir as Souvenir

Antik Mahajan visited Kashmir in last summer holidays. He was on his family trip and he had long list of relatives back at home whom he promised souvenir from the place. But when he actually went for shopping, he was dumbstruck as he had no clue what to leave and what to buy. In the end, he decided to tour the entire market and make note of the things which he actually found worth investing in. So here’s the 10 must things to buy in Kashmir without second thought- direct from Mahajan’s diary-

Antique copper ware

These are available in old city where you are not going to venture alone. If you have hired a guide, follow his instructions.

Kashmiri Carpets (Kaalin)

You get the most classic designer Carpets in Kashmir. No one can just have one, therefore make space in your baggage. Tip: Negotiate to the core!

Kashmiri Lac ornaments

If you have some female friends, they are surely going to love the Kashmiri jewels.

Spices- Red chilli, Saffron

Your driver/guide would definitely mention about Pampore fields which has best quality of saffron to offer, provided you have the skill to identify the authentic saffron.

Old, Vintage Maps of Kashmir

Just get some and get them framed to showcase it in your drawing room.

Old Photograph of Kashmiri Art

These are other embellishments for your drawing room.

Green Tea

You have to try Kaba here. There are variety of green tea available here, which diet conscious would love.

Ferin 😉

Obviously you are not going to wear this once you are back home but there is no harm in getting one for your wardrobe to add show to your winter collection.

Rugs and Wall hangers

Kashmiri handicraft is very attractive. You can’t keep your hands off if you come across any of such masterpiece.

Bakery Items

f you are flyer, get some delicious bakery items. The taste is just too amazing and would get you applauds.

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