5 Must Things to Carry for Honeymoon in Kashmir


If you have decided to honeymoon in Kashmir, congratulations! You have chosen just the right place to spend some wonderful time with your better half. But before you pack your bags, make sure you keep these 10 things in your bag without fail. All the best-

Carry Basic Medicines

Finding a chemist shop can be a problematic in Kashmir. Hence carry a first aid box, a medical kit which have all basic medicines for fever, diarrhea, headache and pain killers.

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Pack Protection without fail

Birth control pills and condoms are must to carry as you can’t depend at a new place to fulfil your requirement. So, if you are not interested to start your family right at the honeymoon, don’t miss this point.

Pack some Scented Toiletries

Scented creams, lotions will be helpful to set the mood just right. Carry your partner’s favorite fragrance. Believe me, it will work wonders.

Booking details and vouchers

Book your hotel, cab and other itineraries in advance to avoid last minute embarrassment, spoilers and cancellation.

Pack some attractive Indulging attire

Gift yourself to your partner in the most beautiful way you can. Use some attractive colors, set the ambiance right, rest weather will take care off.

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