5 reasons you need to visit Kashmir once in a lifetime

I visited Kashmir when I was 24 and in all senses to understand what Kashmir is all about. I always used to think that the place is overrated, until I visited it. I had already seen the glimpses of Kashmir in various hindi movies but never believed it. However, all my myths and misunderstandings vaporised when I actually visited the place. And I think, once in a lifetime you should witness heaven on earth- which falls here

Kashmir is beautiful! Eternally beautiful…..

 Believe it or not, Kashmir is the most beautiful place on this earth. Its’ true that heaven falls here and it is a real opportunity for any nature lover to actually feel how it is to be in the place where there is just never-ending ranges of mountains which seems to be as high as far as sight goes.

Check out what Betaab Valley is all about

It is beauty beneath danger

Although Kashmir has been in news for all wrong reasons, it is actually interesting that how Indian army and CRPF have maintained the calmness in the niggling territory of India.

You would not get the chance to witness floating city

Dal lake at Srinagar is a floating city where you can enjoy delicious food, spend overnight on house boat as well as can shop at Meena Bazaar. Where else you can experience the swimming city, except you are Italy.

Why Dal Lake is Beautiful

Where else you would see three international borders together 

Afghanistan, Pakistan and China- Kashmir offers you sight of three countries. Just imagine- standing in the idle of the valley and witnessing three borders at one sight. (Note: You can’t actually view three borders together, it is just a metaphor. There are different places in the valley where you have to visit to enjoy the sight of international line of control)

Its snowy as it can get!

 Visit Kashmir between January and March and what you will get to see is white gold- snow. Play, get wet, get dirty and do the Kashmir in coming vacations.

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