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Things To Do In Pahalgam

For me Pahalgam was something which was unexpected and happened just at the last moment. Here travel was convenient while the route was mesmerising enough to stop car and get some beautiful pictures clicked. The green alpines and swigging ranges would take your heart away. So make sure you prepare your heart for something really exceptional. Here are some of the must things to do here-

Visit the favorite panorama of Indian directors – Betaab Valley is one of the most shot locations of Kashmir where many Hindi movies were picturised. You might also feel familiar to some of the scenes as you have seen them many a times in films. Go around, trek and enjoy the most beautiful valley of Kashmir- it is!

Take a dip into Lidder River- Just kidding! Don’t even try it. The water is freezing and can be life threatening. It’s just good to get some good clicks for your social profiles or for memories. Enjoy watching varieties of fishes in the river in the blueish water which makes it more pleasant to look at.

If you have extra time- Visit Sheshnag lake which is almost 23 km away from Pahalgam. It is an important sight according to Hindu Mythology according to which it is dug by king of snakes- Sheshnag. There are variety of fishes in this lake as well. The lake is inaccessible during peak winters due to snowfall. So if you visiting during summer vacation, hopefully you are going to enjoy the most of it.


Things To Do In Patnitop

Patnitop is one of the small towns near Udhampur on the way to Srinagar from Jammu. It is a two hour halt if you are travelling via road. You just have to click some pictures here and get back into the car. P.S. don’t forget to carry your visiting card. It is said that visiting this temple brings good luck to your professional life.

Naag Temple- It is a famous holy snake temple where you can halt for 15 minutes and enjoy the hill top view. It is the highest point on Shivalik ranges where you can enjoy the mesmerising beauty of snow clad mountains. Keep your camera handy and get some amazing pictures clicked to upload on your social profiles.    

There is nothing much to do in Patnitop. You will just get excited as it is the first hill top point where you get to see the ice in the month of Jan-Feb till mid-March. There is small park near Naag temple where you can ski and enjoy for an hour. Sooner you leave from here, timely you will reach Srinagar which is still 10 hour drive away.


Things To Do In Gulmarg

If you are visiting Kashmir for the first time, then definitely Gulmarg is one of the must-see attractions in the valley. It is one of the major getaways in Kashmir which is also famous for the highest golf courses and gondola services. It is over 50km from Srinagar and is almost two hours away from the main city. Here are some of the major attractions that you ‘must-must’ see in Gulmarg-

Gulmarg Gondola – If you aren’t afraid of heights, this is what you need to do at first as soon as you reach the beautiful town of Gulmarg. For those who don’t know, remember here you will be enjoying the second highest operational cable car services in the world. Tickets can be booked online to avoid queues. If you are a shutterbug addict, make sure you go to the second level which might remain close during extreme snowfall.

Khilanmarg- If you are a skiing-freak, Khilanmarg is the place for you. Slide, ski or slip on the fine slopes of Khilanmarg, you are just going to enjoy the most of it. The valleys are as beautiful it can be and you are going to get the best pictures of your life. Just a 6km walk from the car park and you will be at Khilanmarg.

Alpather Lake- Alpather Lake carries water from melted snow which is more freezing than you can ever imagine. Walking up till here is an option as it lieson the way to Khilanmarg. If you will be visiting the place in peak winters, chances are high you will find it frozen.

Outer Circle Walk- If you are in love with walking, then Outer Circle Walk trek is for you. It is almost 11km long during which you will pass through beautiful verdant snowy mountain trails that you aren’t going to forget anytime soon in life.

Ningle Nallah- Ningle Nallah is around 10km from Gulmarg and is a narrow stream which receives water from Alpather peak and lake. But th

Sunrise in Sonamarg

Things To Do In Sonamarg

When I visited Sonamarg, I didn’t have much options to explore due to extreme temperature. But here is a brief piece of information, so that you don’t miss on anything fabulous, unlike me. Sonamarg is one of the four getaways included in Kashmir trip. It is the last stoppage in Kashmir valley if you are going towards Leh, Ladakh. Although, Sonamarg is famous for the most beautiful glacier where several hindi movies have been shot. You see it and believe it. Here are the best things to do in Sonamarg-

Visit Thajiwas Glacier– Have a friendly snowball fight with local kids or just enjoy the ice-clad mountains and get lost in it. Keep your camera handy as you can’t even afford to miss a sight of it. It would be a tough trek for you but you won’t regret the hard work as here is the only place where you would get to see frozen water falls.

Get clicked at Gadsar Lake– It is one of those lakes which remains frozen throughout the year. This idyllic sight would be unforgettable for you as this water body is surrounded by snow covered mountains along with alpines and other wild greens. You can also enjoy panoramic view of Baltan and Satsar lake which makes it more beautiful than anything.

Believe it or not, you can spend almost four-five hours at Sonamarg without even looking at your watch. The place will keep you engaged if you love nature.

Chashma Shahi

Things To Do In Srinagar

Srinagar is usually the starting point of your Kashmir trip and also your halt point where you will be coming back going for a day-out to nearby sightseeing places. There are many places to visit in Srinagar itself. Here is a brief information on the same-

Dal lake– Enjoy the Shikara ride which will take you to Meena Bazaar where you can shop authentic Kashmiri stuff and enjoy beautiful sunset just floating over the water. You can also stay in house boats if you like but make sure you are done with the bookings, if you are going during peak season.

Shankracharya TempleShankracharya Temple is situated just in the middle of the city at the highest point. One can have a view of entire Dal lake from this temple. You can’t carry your camera, mobile phone, shoes and any other leather stuff here. Not even wallets are allowed here. There is an army

Chashma Shahi– Chasma Shahi is also known as royal springs where you can enjoy scenic site where mountains all around will take your heart away. The most amazing thing you will find here is ‘magical water’. You need to visit this place to know more about it. Lips tightly closed !

Nishat Garden– Nishat Garden is one of the Mughal Gardens built on the eastern side of Dal lake. It is one of the largest Mughal Garden in the valley. Usually the Persian gardens have fixed geography but because of different kind of geography and available water source, the garden was notified.

Shalimar Bagh– Shalimar Bagh is towards the north-east of Dal lake and is in close vicinity to Nishat Bagh.  The garden has rich flora which attracts nature lovers from around the world.

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