Packing Checklist For Kashmir

Have you planned your trip to Kashmir already? Are you busy packing for the trip and confused what you should pack. So this is the time you go through my travel itineraries in detail already published just before this post. The right side panel would take you to previous post and go through this one to get the best idea what should you carry and what you should definitely carry while traveling to Kashmir-

Identity Proof- Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most sensitive areas of India where anything can go wrong anytime. Hence carry documents which can prove your nationality.

Contact details of any local citizen- If you know someone who lives in any part of the state don’t forget to carry their contact details as it may help you at most unexpected moments.

Basic medicines- Carry antiseptics, antibiotics, antacids and painkillers along with inhalers and pain relief sprays, ointment to avoid any last moment mood spoiler.

Full sleeves waterproof jackets- It depends on the season you are visiting. Although, you would need light woollens round the year but you need to carry heavy ones if you are visiting between November to March. Water repellent jackets would keep you safe from unseasonal rains.

Trekking Shoes/boots- These may help you in Sonamarg and Gulmarg as the ice level are usually more than 8 ft, and boots are basic necessities to carry for such destination. Although, you can rent it here but its always wise to carry your own.

Moisturisers- If you have dry skin, better you carry two bottles of your brand.

Extra bag- For picking up your dirty wears and keep it away from the woollens.

Umbrella- If it’s a monsoon, umbrella is a must carry. It rains and it rains heavily in Kashmir.

Cash in hidden pockets- Kashmir is actually Cash-more as at every point you need to spend without thinking twice. The best part is eating jaunts are too cheap here. You can eat here limitlessly without burning a hole in your pocket. So eat.. and stay calm.