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Fishing in Kashmir

If you have a leisure day to spend in Kashmir, fishing or angling is one of the activity which you can enjoy. The crystal white water attracts tourists from all around the world to experience the fishing fun in the Kashmir.

In fact Kashmir is one of the unique places which offers best angling experience to tourists. Cold springs, high altitude, turbulent streams and wide variety of fauna are some of the features that makes fishing in Kashmir a must-to-do activity. People say, there is a different kind of thrill that one can feel while angling in the valley.

Here is more you need to know about Fishing in Kashmir

Best time to visit- April to September

Best Time To Visit Kashmir

Extending or shortening of duration is sole discretion of Directorate of Fisheries, J&K Government.

Here are some of the points that you need to remember before you plan to go for angling in Kashmir-

  • You need to procure licence or permit from Directorate of Fisheries.
  • This licence is non-transferable and is valid for one day only.
  • Only one rod is allowed per angler
  • No natural baits are allowed
  • There is a limit of 6 fishes per bag
  • There are 61 points open for fishing and angling. Each of them is 3-4km long.

Cost of licence – Rs 1000 for local while Rs 2000 for foreign anglers.

Places to visit

Following rivers are ideal for angling-

Sindh, Lidder, Erin, Ferozpur, Aharbal, Doodh Ganga, Daksum, Noobug, Ahlan, Krishen Ganga & Hirpur. For trout fishing, the most famous ones are Kokernag, Verinag, Sukhnag.

Important tip: If you want to enjoy trekking along with fishing, choose Veshnusar & Gangbal where 3km trek is required.


Best Time To Visit Kashmir

Are you planning your maiden Kashmir trip with your family or with your partner? Are you confused which is the right time to visit the valley? Well, this majorly depends on your motive of holidaying in Kashmir.

Best time to visit Kashmir to see snowfall– visit the place between December to March. The region witnesses maximum snowfall in Jan, Feb. However, Srinagar-Jammu highway gets closed during the season as it further increases the risks of accidents on already very narrow roads. Moreover, it would be unbearably cold. Hence make up your mind, before you plan the trip.

Best time to visit Kashmir to see snow- If you want to just play in snow and want to enjoy the whitey kind of ice and get some superb images, visit the place during end of February. Do check the weather updates which might get true sometimes. 😉 But you will get lot of snow if you visit in March however, the rates are almost at peak during this season. Hotels, Shikaara, travel- everything would be double the actual cost.

Best time to visit Kashmir Tulip Garden- Tulip Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens of India. Spring is the best time to visit the place. April and early May would be the ideal time to  visit if you want to get glimpse of blooming gardens.

Best time to visit Kashmir for honeymoon– Honeymooning in Kashmir would be enjoyable almost in every season. In fact, its’ all on you and on your idea of holidays how you want to celebrate the occasion. If it is about playing in snow and getting some beautiful pictures clicked, visit in February but if you want to just reel the romantic ride on the beautiful landscape, you should visit between April to June, when the weather is extremely pleasant.