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10 Must-To-Do Things in Kashmir

Kashmir is one of those destinations where more you stay is less. There are so many things to do in the valley that you might get confused where to start from. Therefore to make it an easy experience for you, here we have shortlisted the 10 best things to do in Kashmir which shouldn’t miss at all-

Romancing the water on Shikhara Ride

Srinagar will be your base place hence you would be having ample time to explore the town. Start with Shikara Ride where you can enjoy the wonders of water body. The water here is still but you won’t find a single mosquito breeding here. You can float around and relish the beauty of Srinagar landscape.

Zoom across Skiing in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is famous for the kind of skiing experience it offers. The white snow sheath in the town is luring enough to be resisted by anyone. So what you don’t know the trick, hire the instructor or try out by yourself, just by looking others.

Road trip to Sonamarg

Sonamarg is one of the famous getaways around Srinagar where you have to visit compulsorily. Driving through Sonamarg is an ultimate experience in itself. You can’t escape the beauty of snow clad mountains which will take your heart away.

Stay on a House Boat

Wherever you go, you stay in hotel. But Kashmir offers you the chance to spend a night in waters. Hire a houseboat for overnight and experience the luxury of riches and royals.

Enjoy the orange Sunset

Wherever you go, whether its Gulmarg or Sonamarg or local Srinagar, just don’t miss the orange sunset in the valley. The best time to experience the beautiful moment is Dec-Feb.

Shopping in local market

Get some of the original Kashmiri handicraft from the local market. However, it would be tough for you to identify the authentic one, hence take your guide along. You can also buy pure saffron, the speciality of Kashmir.

Feel the height at Gulmarg Gondola ride

Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest cable car ride in the world. You can experience the breezy winds here while exploring LOC from you naked eye. It is an experience of lifetime, which you shouldn’t miss.

Taste the authentic Kaba

Although it would taste a bit different but believe me it would give your taste buds the most amazing experience that you couldn’t forget.

If you have something to add in this list, leave your comment below:)


Travel to Kashmir: Part 1- Reaching Srinagar  

‘Heaven falls here’- this is the universal truth and I have witnessed it. Jammu & Kashmir were always on my ‘to see’ list and I got the chance to visit here in Feb 2015, when it was chilling cold everywhere. Temperature was close to 3-4 degree Celsius during day and nights were freezing as you can imagine. Starting from Delhi, I took a train to Jammu and then bus to Katra to pay visit the famous Vaishno Devi.

List of trains from Delhi to Jammu

Train No. Train Name From Departure To Arrival Dist.(Km) Travel Time
16317 HIMSAGAR EXP NDLS 00:10 JAT 13:10 593 13:00
16787 TEN JAMMU EXP NDLS 00:10 JAT 13:10 593 13:00
12471 SWARAJ EXPRESS NDLS 04:50 JAT 14:45 577 09:55
12919 MALWA EXPRESS NDLS 05:20 JAT 16:10 577 10:50
14645 SHALIMAR EXP DLI 15:50 JAT 05:20 640 13:30
22461 SHRI SHAKTI EXP NDLS 17:30 JAT 03:10 577 09:40
14033 JAMMU MAIL DLI 20:10 JAT 09:15 583 13:05
12425 JAMMU RAJDHANI NDLS 20:40 JAT 05:45 577 09:05
12445 UTTAR S KRANTI NDLS 20:50 JAT 06:35 577 09:45
04401 ANVT SVDK SPL ANVT 21:00 JAT 09:45 633 12:45
11077 JHELUM EXPRESS NDLS 21:05 JAT 10:00 577 12:55
12413 AII JAT EXPRESS DEC 21:15 JAT 08:10 589 10:55
18101 TATA JAT EXP DLI 22:00 JAT 14:10 653 16:10
22401 DEE UHP AC SUP DEE 22:15 JAT 07:15 578 09:00
16031 ANDAMAN EXPRESS NZM 22:35 JAT 13:10 600 14:35

Let me tell you, Kashmir trip was completely unplanned, it happened when one of the tour organisers approached me and offered me irresistible deal in Katra. This small town has numerous tour organisers which can help you to save thousands of bucks, provided you do research and take quotes from more than five organisers at least, especially, if it is the off season.

Coming back to the offer I got, this deal included destinations like Patnitop, Srinagar, Gulmarg and Sonamarg with four day complete hotel stay and local conveyance as well for just Rs 8,999 for four person. Yes, it did sound amazing! We started next day at 12’0 clock in afternoon, but we didn’t knew that this would be so tough to handle. We weren’t aware that our next 12 hours will be spent in this car that too on the road which isn’t straight at all.

Note:  One can choose flights as well to travel to Srinagar. Flights from Delhi and Jammu to Srinagar are available easily. There is no train connectivity so you need to make a best pick which can suit your budget and requirement.

We started from Katra, and passed Udhampur which is one of the famous army camp in the state. The roads were well built, at least till here and you won’t feel the nausea until you cross this small but developed town which have almost all popular eatery that you like. The hard time starts when you get into the twisted and turned roads of Jammu valley where you can’t keep your eyes off the scenic beauty. Beautiful, ice laden peaks are visible as soon as you take the highway. Stopping here for clicking the pictures isn’t the good idea as each scene is more beautiful than previous one.

Scrolling down the window pane isn’t a good idea as the snowy winds will make you shiver to the core. And I am sure you will not in the mood to catch cold as our body isn’t used to for such low temperature.

Going ups and then down again, crossing number of valleys and after a 3 hourlong drive on NH1A, we reached Patnitop.



Patnitop is famous for ‘Naag temple’. Here people will try to sell you ‘Bul bul ka baccha’ and this you have to try by yourself whether to get one or not. (wink 😉 You can also place your visiting card here as people say that it brings good luck to your job. I also placed one, why to leave chance 🙂

 Naag TempleSince Patnitop saw snowfall back in December, the ice was dusty and not so scenic. We took just half an hour halt here, clicked some pictures and started again for Srinagar as there were nine more hours to go.

Note: There are several hill view hotels in Patnitop where you can stay but it would be a waste of time and most probably it won’t be counted in the package.

List of Hotels in Patnitop

Vardaan Resort PatniTop

Hotel Greentop

Hotel Patnitop

Hotel Subash Palace Patnitop

Hotel Jai Skahan

Post Patnitop, we took few breaks for clicking the amazing pictures on a newly constructed dam. There is just one single ‘dhaba’  that offers these awesome views. You can have ‘Rajma Chawal’ here, poured with ghee, costing just Rs 60 per plate.

Srinagar Highway




It was already 6 in the evening and we weren’t anyway close of reaching to Srinagar. We took halt for peeing, eating, drinking and chatting our way to the driver, who was a Punjabi stud and created excitement with loads and loads of experiences he shared with us.  (Some were too hilarious while others are amazing well built, anyways we enjoyed our way J)

So, it was eight in the evening, pitch dark and there were some too dangerous valleys where one-sided traffic was operational. Actually, during peak winters, traffic remains one-sided. Like if Monday is opened for vehicles moving towards Srinagar, Tuesday, it would be operational for vehicles coming from Srinagar. This is the usual scene in the month of Jan, Feb, March. You need not worry about it as your tour operator will take care of this.

We passed through Shaitani Naala and Khooni Naala around 8.30 pm. These weren’t haunted but were damn scary. You cant just look down in the valley, else you will actually feel you are about to fall.

So, this was the time when we were about to enter valley of Kashmir. And you can easily make out this as there were CRPFs chowki dotted on every 100 meter, too many security checks and gazing stares. As soon as we will cross Jawahar tunnel, one of the longest tunnel roads in India, there is a sense of freshness in the air, snow all around, heavier than what we saw in Patnitop. So many army camp with rifles in hand will bring cheer down your spine but it’s the happiness which I felt the most. After all it was KASHMIR !

We took another three hours to reach Srinagar city. Till this time, all of us took a great sleep while the driver was focused enough to drive for more than 250 km on hilly terrain. We reached our hotel, which was in the main city of Srinagar at around 12 at night. It was sooo… chilling that you cant afford to live without a bed-warmer. My next post would include Gulmarg- the ice-clad town.! Keep watching this space.. and leave your comments in the box below.

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