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10 Must-To-Do Things in Kashmir

Kashmir is one of those destinations where more you stay is less. There are so many things to do in the valley that you might get confused where to start from. Therefore to make it an easy experience for you, here we have shortlisted the 10 best things to do in Kashmir which shouldn’t miss at all-

Romancing the water on Shikhara Ride

Srinagar will be your base place hence you would be having ample time to explore the town. Start with Shikara Ride where you can enjoy the wonders of water body. The water here is still but you won’t find a single mosquito breeding here. You can float around and relish the beauty of Srinagar landscape.

Zoom across Skiing in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is famous for the kind of skiing experience it offers. The white snow sheath in the town is luring enough to be resisted by anyone. So what you don’t know the trick, hire the instructor or try out by yourself, just by looking others.

Road trip to Sonamarg

Sonamarg is one of the famous getaways around Srinagar where you have to visit compulsorily. Driving through Sonamarg is an ultimate experience in itself. You can’t escape the beauty of snow clad mountains which will take your heart away.

Stay on a House Boat

Wherever you go, you stay in hotel. But Kashmir offers you the chance to spend a night in waters. Hire a houseboat for overnight and experience the luxury of riches and royals.

Enjoy the orange Sunset

Wherever you go, whether its Gulmarg or Sonamarg or local Srinagar, just don’t miss the orange sunset in the valley. The best time to experience the beautiful moment is Dec-Feb.

Shopping in local market

Get some of the original Kashmiri handicraft from the local market. However, it would be tough for you to identify the authentic one, hence take your guide along. You can also buy pure saffron, the speciality of Kashmir.

Feel the height at Gulmarg Gondola ride

Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest cable car ride in the world. You can experience the breezy winds here while exploring LOC from you naked eye. It is an experience of lifetime, which you shouldn’t miss.

Taste the authentic Kaba

Although it would taste a bit different but believe me it would give your taste buds the most amazing experience that you couldn’t forget.

If you have something to add in this list, leave your comment below:)

Things You Should Not Miss at Dal Lake

There is no doubt in the fact that Dal Lake is one of most romantic landmarks in Kashmir Valley. But don’t just sit into Shikhara and get bored while boatmen sail it for you. Here is the list of some of the most amazing things to do in Dal Lake, not them or pin it to your FB profile so that you don’t forget it-

Get Dressed and Clicked

So what you are with your family, get a landscape sized portrait clicked with your parents and decorate your living room.

Check out some authentic Kashmiri handicraft

Meera Bazaar has some government sponsored handicraft outlets. Don’t worry, you need not carry it with you, they can get it deliver for free. Just pay a part of the package upfront and rest of the on delivery.

Admire the beautiful Sunset at Dal Lake

The best time to visit Dal Lake is towards late noon. When you will be heading back to your starting point, you would experience the most beautiful sunset-orange, yellow, red and what not.

Dal Lake

Enjoy overnight stay at Houseboat

How about spending a night on a houseboat, floating over water. With exquisite Mughalic interiors and beautiful view of valleys from the portico, select the best houseboat but don’t forget to negotiate as these are very expensive during peak season.

Watch Floating Fields and get amazed

Yes, Dal Lake has several muddy puddle but they have vegetation which you can see. You can just it with your boat and can float it anywhere.

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10 Best Things to Buy in Kashmir as Souvenir

Antik Mahajan visited Kashmir in last summer holidays. He was on his family trip and he had long list of relatives back at home whom he promised souvenir from the place. But when he actually went for shopping, he was dumbstruck as he had no clue what to leave and what to buy. In the end, he decided to tour the entire market and make note of the things which he actually found worth investing in. So here’s the 10 must things to buy in Kashmir without second thought- direct from Mahajan’s diary-

Antique copper ware

These are available in old city where you are not going to venture alone. If you have hired a guide, follow his instructions.

Kashmiri Carpets (Kaalin)

You get the most classic designer Carpets in Kashmir. No one can just have one, therefore make space in your baggage. Tip: Negotiate to the core!

Kashmiri Lac ornaments

If you have some female friends, they are surely going to love the Kashmiri jewels.

Spices- Red chilli, Saffron

Your driver/guide would definitely mention about Pampore fields which has best quality of saffron to offer, provided you have the skill to identify the authentic saffron.

Old, Vintage Maps of Kashmir

Just get some and get them framed to showcase it in your drawing room.

Old Photograph of Kashmiri Art

These are other embellishments for your drawing room.

Green Tea

You have to try Kaba here. There are variety of green tea available here, which diet conscious would love.

Ferin 😉

Obviously you are not going to wear this once you are back home but there is no harm in getting one for your wardrobe to add show to your winter collection.

Rugs and Wall hangers

Kashmiri handicraft is very attractive. You can’t keep your hands off if you come across any of such masterpiece.

Bakery Items

f you are flyer, get some delicious bakery items. The taste is just too amazing and would get you applauds.

5 reasons you need to visit Kashmir once in a lifetime

I visited Kashmir when I was 24 and in all senses to understand what Kashmir is all about. I always used to think that the place is overrated, until I visited it. I had already seen the glimpses of Kashmir in various hindi movies but never believed it. However, all my myths and misunderstandings vaporised when I actually visited the place. And I think, once in a lifetime you should witness heaven on earth- which falls here

Kashmir is beautiful! Eternally beautiful…..

 Believe it or not, Kashmir is the most beautiful place on this earth. Its’ true that heaven falls here and it is a real opportunity for any nature lover to actually feel how it is to be in the place where there is just never-ending ranges of mountains which seems to be as high as far as sight goes.

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It is beauty beneath danger

Although Kashmir has been in news for all wrong reasons, it is actually interesting that how Indian army and CRPF have maintained the calmness in the niggling territory of India.

You would not get the chance to witness floating city

Dal lake at Srinagar is a floating city where you can enjoy delicious food, spend overnight on house boat as well as can shop at Meena Bazaar. Where else you can experience the swimming city, except you are Italy.

Why Dal Lake is Beautiful

Where else you would see three international borders together 

Afghanistan, Pakistan and China- Kashmir offers you sight of three countries. Just imagine- standing in the idle of the valley and witnessing three borders at one sight. (Note: You can’t actually view three borders together, it is just a metaphor. There are different places in the valley where you have to visit to enjoy the sight of international line of control)

Its snowy as it can get!

 Visit Kashmir between January and March and what you will get to see is white gold- snow. Play, get wet, get dirty and do the Kashmir in coming vacations.