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Betaab Valley’s secret out now! What makes it worth visiting!

If you are a ‘bollywood-movie’ freak, then you must be definitely aware of Pahalgam’s one of the most famous landmarks- Betaab Valley. For those who don’t know, here comes the surprise!

Betaab Valley is named after one of the most popular hindi films of 80s, Betaab, starring Amrita Singh (ex-wifey of Saif Ali Khan) and Sunny Deol (who needs an introduction ;)). Some of the scenes were shot in this beautiful valley which is almost 15km from Pahalgam. Reaching here isn’t tough as you can get private cabs from Pahalgam as well as Srinagar.

Pahalgam Betaab Valley

The ideal time to pay visit to director’s paradise is between Oct-April. You can visit here most probably anytime of the day. Sunsets are more beautiful than sunrise but keeping out after dark can be risky as the area is still impacted by militancy. If you are a nature lover, you can spend your entire day in the valley and get some fabulous pictures clicked.

Another secret which makes it a worth to go place is its geography. The valley is situated between Pir Panjal range and Zanskar. Interestingly, this part of Kashmir was ruled by some of the wisest Mughal emperors.

betaab valley

For those who love trekking, Betaab valley is definitely a heaven. This is one of the passing landmark if you are going towards Amarnath. In fact, you can also trek to Betaab Valley starting from Pahalgam, which is not just comfortable but easy and would make you less tired, keep you safe and you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings at your own ease.

So before you prepare itinerary for Kashmir trip, make sure you check out all the information posted on blogs and chalk out the best trip at heaven.


Things To Do In Pahalgam

For me Pahalgam was something which was unexpected and happened just at the last moment. Here travel was convenient while the route was mesmerising enough to stop car and get some beautiful pictures clicked. The green alpines and swigging ranges would take your heart away. So make sure you prepare your heart for something really exceptional. Here are some of the must things to do here-

Visit the favorite panorama of Indian directors – Betaab Valley is one of the most shot locations of Kashmir where many Hindi movies were picturised. You might also feel familiar to some of the scenes as you have seen them many a times in films. Go around, trek and enjoy the most beautiful valley of Kashmir- it is!

Take a dip into Lidder River- Just kidding! Don’t even try it. The water is freezing and can be life threatening. It’s just good to get some good clicks for your social profiles or for memories. Enjoy watching varieties of fishes in the river in the blueish water which makes it more pleasant to look at.

If you have extra time- Visit Sheshnag lake which is almost 23 km away from Pahalgam. It is an important sight according to Hindu Mythology according to which it is dug by king of snakes- Sheshnag. There are variety of fishes in this lake as well. The lake is inaccessible during peak winters due to snowfall. So if you visiting during summer vacation, hopefully you are going to enjoy the most of it.