Why You Should Not Give Houseboats a Miss!

You might have always wondered what makes ‘living on houseboats’ an unusual experience? But, believe me there’s a lot to it… a lot which could not be expressed in mere words. In fact, the entire concept of houseboats is too lavish to explain. Historically, Mughal emperors used to spend their vacations on houseboats whenever they wanted to spend some quality time with their better halves. Since then ‘houseboats’ had snobbish tag attached to it.

What makes it worth trying?

These are wooden houseboats which have very fancy interiors. To suit the climatic conditions, these boats remains heated during winters. Most of the architecture is inspired from Mughalic era where posh curtains, interiors and texture gives a royal feel to the place.

Who should try it?

Every person visiting Srinagar or Kashmir should experience an overnight stay in the city. If you are a honeymoon couple, then it is as essential as any other itinerary. If you are visiting with family, then you need to feel how it is to live like royalties.

There are different kind of houseboats parked in Dal Lake. Some of them have multiple rooms while few have just two or three rooms. If you are visiting with family, you can book a room or two which will have a common living area and may be a kitchen. Make sure that there are provisions for basic needs including clean drinking water and food of your choice.

Check-in and check-out time remains same as any regular hotel.

What is the tariff of Houseboats?

The rates of houseboats may vary as per the season you are visiting. During peak winters, you can bargain a good deal and can grab an overnight stay package for Rs 1000. But if you are visiting the city during summers, this might cost you fortune. The better option would be to book a complete holiday package that would have complimentary houseboat stay. You will be saving a lot through these deals and won’t require to get into negotiation stuff with the locales.

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